Screw you insecurities! 

I came across this quote and it related so much to my life! 

I find that most weekends I end up in such a state with myself that the perfect weekend I had envisaged had ended up with arguments; but what is perfect? 

I spend so much time these days on social media looking at pictures of perfect families, perfect shots, perfect lighting etc that somewhere in my brain I think I am expecting this to be reality. Even though I know that these are only photographs, and sometimes just a lucky capture, I find that I am basing my life around people’s ‘highlights’.

I have always had a love hate relationship with social media! It’s great for so many reasons but also, I feel, incredibly powerful at affecting a persons mental health. Since I have started blogging and my Instagram journey I have found so many amazing mummies and daddies that tell it how it is. They are not glamourising their lives and it’s refreshing to see. 

Prior to blogging my feeds were full of people saying how amazing everything was and how wonderful their lives are, but really how truthful is this?

This is only my opinion, and some people’s lives might truly be wonderful but I know from experience, from seeing people’s social media pages and assuming everything is all rosy, then actually speaking to that person; their reality is a different story! 

So it makes me wonder, why bother to try and portray a perfect life? Who are you benefitting? 

I am by no means innocent. I have many a time made out everything is fine in my life or put a cryptic quote (which I see a lot of) just to get a bit of attention. 

I guess maybe I’m not alone in being scared, to be direct and actually speak the truth and air out my problems. Being insecure is something I know a lot about and I personally feel social media does nothing to help this! 

I would love to hear how social media makes you feel; does it affect you, as much as it does me?

Until next time 

Rachel (baby moose) 


Just a small change can have a massive impact! 

So I have never actually stuck to a diet or fitness regime in my life I have always had the intention to get into shape but I have never really had the motivation to do so. I have always been petite and a size 10 so never really needed to loose weight as such but since having my two children my un toned bits have become even more un toned to say the least and I always felt run down and tired (not great with two children). Continue reading

My top tips for party success! 

The start of the party season is drawing closer in our family and the mummy in me thoroughly enjoys throwing a good children’s party. I can’t quite believe it but Eloise will be turning 4 this spring so her party is the first to plan.

There are lots of party options out there at soft play centres etc but the thought of inviting all of Eloise’s nursery friends and their parents fills me with dread! Having to socialise with a group of people I don’t know gives me so much anxiety you would believe (I know sooner or later I need to man up) but while she is still young enough to get away with it I will. Continue reading

To vbac or not to vbac! 

My labour with my daughter didn’t go as I had planned after 30 plus hours in labour I ended up with an emergency c-section.
Second time around I was given the option of another c-section or try for a vbac. I am terrible at making decisions at the best of times but a decision like this was horrendous! I spent month after month searching my soul (the internet) to try and find the right option for me. All I wanted was someone that had been through both experiences and could tell me the pros and cons for both.
Luckily in the end the decision was taken out of my hands and I had a successful vbac but here are the pros and cons of my experience: Continue reading