2017 lets do this! 

So I suppose now is the time to make the New Years resolution……
Most years my aims for the year tend be on the lines of: Be more confident and increase my self esteem. I have now come to realise that isn’t something I need to change that’s just me! I am a worrier and yes my self perception is very low at times but I have managed nearly 30 years and I have an amazing husband, two beautiful children and great family and friends so I would say I’m doing pretty well.
This year I’m going to try and aim for things that are a bit more realistic!
1. Slowly get my pre baby body back and try to get it in even better shape than before!

2. Eat better! I don’t want to diet or cut out the naughty treats I just want to try and substitute some of the naughty foods for their healthier alternatives.

3. Keep blogging and improve on my writing skill.

4. FINALLY and most importantly enjoy my maternity leave with my babies and enjoy every moment because if 2016 is anything to go by 2018 will be here in no time!
Here’s to 2017 I hope it’s going to be a good one.
Rachel xxx


One thought on “2017 lets do this! 

  1. Such a good list to put together, simple and achievable; Plus there is no better way to keep yourself on track to achieve goals than writing them down publicly! Great read! You’ve inspired me to go and put my own list together

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