The rollercoaster that is being a parent!

This morning we woke up to the artistic flair of our daughter all over her pretty pink room in jet black felt tip!!!!

No surprise to any parents out there me and the hubby were furious. I shouted a lot and then cried a lot and once I had calmed down it made me realise the extent of emotions that parents go through in order to try and raise a child.
Eloise is nearly 4 and Zachary is 7 weeks and I don’t know if it’s hormones from having a baby not actually that long ago or if the hardship of having a newborn and a toddler is really kicking in but my god some days I struggle.
As far as I can remember I have always suffered with days of feeling like I’m in a bubble and I just can not shift the feeling of negativity. I find it doesn’t matter how much positivity I have in my life sometimes I still struggle to shift the funk I’m in and I know from having lots of mummy friends this is not something I’m alone with.
My mental health is always something I have been aware of and as a parent I think it’s extremely important to be aware of your feelings. With this in mind my 2017 goal is even more important to stick to.
My aim and hope is that a healthy lifestyle will lead to a healthy mind!
Rachel (baby moose)



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