To vbac or not to vbac! 

My labour with my daughter didn’t go as I had planned after 30 plus hours in labour I ended up with an emergency c-section.
Second time around I was given the option of another c-section or try for a vbac. I am terrible at making decisions at the best of times but a decision like this was horrendous! I spent month after month searching my soul (the internet) to try and find the right option for me. All I wanted was someone that had been through both experiences and could tell me the pros and cons for both.
Luckily in the end the decision was taken out of my hands and I had a successful vbac but here are the pros and cons of my experience:

  • Due to the epidural I couldn’t feel a thing It was amazing!
  • Mine was an emergency but if it’s second time/third etc it would be elective so you would have a date so excellent if you have child care that needs arranging.
  • Your nether region stays some what intact! from speaking to other mummy friends I know this is quite an important factor.


  • The pain after the epidural has worn off is not fun!
  • The recovery time is long and tedious so not great if you already have children at home.
  • I don’t know if this happens to everyone but my scar is completely numb the sensation has gone and this makes me feel sick if it ever gets touched (not a majorly important factor but one none the less).
  • Skin to skin was not immediate (well not for me anyway) I obviously had to be stitched up before I was able to hold my daughter.
  • I struggled to breast feed. I could hardly move and couldn’t hold/move to the position I needed to so didn’t want to continue due to how painful it was.
  • You stay in hospital is longer as they need to take extra care that your ok to go home.


  • I was back on my feet within hours of having my son. Other than being a little sore I was back home and fully mobile.
  • Skin to skin is immediate and you get that special bonding straight away.
  • As long as everything is alright you get to go home within hours of birth.


  • You have no idea when it’s all going to happen not ideal if you have little ones that rely on you.
  • My second labour was fast and it bloody hurt! Luckily the anaesthetist was available and I was able to have an epidural.
  • Your nether regions take a bashing! Pelvic floor exercises are a must.

When it comes to child birth we really don’t have much control but I personally feel that how ever your little bundle arrives is they way it’s meant to happen.
Rachel (baby moose) xxx


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