My top tips for party success! 

The start of the party season is drawing closer in our family and the mummy in me thoroughly enjoys throwing a good children’s party. I can’t quite believe it but Eloise will be turning 4 this spring so her party is the first to plan.

There are lots of party options out there at soft play centres etc but the thought of inviting all of Eloise’s nursery friends and their parents fills me with dread! Having to socialise with a group of people I don’t know gives me so much anxiety you would believe (I know sooner or later I need to man up) but while she is still young enough to get away with it I will.

If you are anything like me I enjoy inviting a small group of close friends and family. Luckily for me the close friends I have their children are also my daughters best friends (thank goodness!)

So here are my top tips:

Printables: Etsy has been a life saviour for me when it comes to decorations. There are plenty of businesses that will personalise your decorations and send them over to you in an email for you to print out! Hey presto as much bunting as you could possibly want.

Second hand: for my daughters second birthday we got her christened and I chose a vintage tea party theme. Instead of paper plates we found on a local selling page on Facebook some one getting rid of a crate full of bone China tea plates for a measly £10 which was PERFECT for what we were looking for and we’re still using the plates to this day!

Plan early: get an idea of what your wanting to do and your themes so that you can start searching on local selling sites and gathering bits together it makes it so much easier on the bank balance.

DIY: Pinterest is another useful tool to get inspiration and anything that can be created yourself makes it so much cheaper and who doesn’t love a personal touch!

(Not birthday party related but a seating plan I created for a wedding)

Party packages: party pieces is a great company that sells pretty much everything you need for a successful party. They cater for birthday parties both children and adult, christenings, baby showers and plenty more. The great thing about this company is that on quite a few of the ranges you can buy packages which work out cheaper than buying bits individually another great way to save the pennies.

These few tips have helped me create a few memorable parties I hope they help you with yours!

Here are the links to the sites and businesses I have previously used:

Until next time
Rachel (baby moose) xxx


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