Just a small change can have a massive impact! 

So I have never actually stuck to a diet or fitness regime in my life I have always had the intention to get into shape but I have never really had the motivation to do so. I have always been petite and a size 10 so never really needed to loose weight as such but since having my two children my un toned bits have become even more un toned to say the least and I always felt run down and tired (not great with two children).

My biggest problem probably like most people as soon as the word diet gets involved I crave crave crave food and the thought of any physical exercise that makes me sweat I dread plus since giving birth to Zachary any jumping about is a no no! With all this in mind I decided to try out a healthy alternative and gentle approach to my diet and fitness.

So far this has consisted of daily yoga. It started as 30 day challenge which I found on YouTube while searching for postnatal yoga (I’ll put the link at the bottom) and here we are I have just finished the challenge and I have been converted into an aspiring yogi!

Diet wise I started off gentle just by swapping food that I ate alot of for there healthier partners so that I could still eat what and when I want but just healthier and also do able for the whole family not just me.

Here’s some of most eaten foods in the Turner house and what we have swapped them for:

  • Potato-sweet potato
  • Bread-brown bread, ryvita
  • Milk-coconut,almond milk
  • Rice-brown rice,quinoa
  • Crackers-rice crackers
  • Crisps-nuts
  • Sugary cereals-oats and yogurt
  • Lots of avocado
  • Lots of water
  • Lots of veg

The benefits I already feel after just a few weeks of this approach are pretty great and just the slightest of improvement is what’s pushing me to continue.

How I now feel:

  • More energised
  • I feel more toned especially my stomach where the most bounce is
  • Fuller for longer so not craving as much food
  • I don’t feel as dehydrated I could honestly go until mid afternoon before I realised I hadn’t drunk anything!
  • Feel more confident

I am definitely not a food and fitness expert but this approach has definitely worked for me and I wanted to show people that diets and fitness don’t have to be hard and challenging just a gentle approach can still have massive benefits.

Until next time

Rachel (baby moose) xxx

Yoga channel I use:



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