If trees had wifi the forest would be my home! 

My idea of perfection is sitting in a lodge cabin in the middle of a forest with a glass of wine and this is what center parcs is for me PERFECTION.

It wasn’t until we had our first child that Matt suggested to me to that we should take a short break to Centre parcs. To begin with I was a bit sceptical as I had never been to one or even considered it but Matt had been holidaying there throughout his childhood and had fond memories. Eloise had turned eighteen months and the thought of taking her on a plane terrified us (we still haven’t braved it and she is nearly four) so I decided to say yes as a week in the uk was better than nothing. I’m so glad I sad yes as we have never looked back! This is now the fifth time we have visited and we will continue to do so.

A Centre parcs holiday has something for all ages, couples all the way to families but in particular for me it’s how well catered it is for families with small children as this is what I have experienced. The fact that you can go to sleep with badgers at your door and then wake up to squirrels at you window amazes me and makes such a magical holiday for both the children and adults alike.

As a family with two small children saving money is a must and this is a holiday where you can spend as much or as little as your bank balance allows. They have all the facilities to be able to prepare and cook all your meals or if you fancy something more indulgent a good selection of restaurants in which you can visit. Activities range from swimming which is free, outdoor pursuits, nature based activities all the way to the spa the list is endless.

I know for a lot of people a holiday for them is only a holiday if it is somewhere sunny and warm so this type of week away might not be for everyone but for me the thought of having to take all the items needed for a family of four on a plane just doesn’t sound like fun! and yes don’t get me wrong I would love to be sunning myself on a beach but with a baby and a preschooler this is not the sort of holiday my lifestyle right now will allow.

Until the time I can lounge on a sun bed with a cocktail in my hand and enjoy the peace and quiet of the sea we will continue to go to Centre parcs and make some fab memories! I would definitely recommend to anyone but especially to families with children.

Until next time

Rachel (Baby moose)


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