Instagram accounts you should be following right now! 

When it comes to play and crafts to do with your little ones I am definitely always on the search for ideas. The amazing Kelly at
Dandylillies is always my first port of call but take a read of where she gets her inspiration from and who she recommends you should be following right now!

The Instagram accounts you should be following right now for wonderful ideas to help your children learn through play and creativity. 
Recently I have noticed people are starting to comment more on my ideas and activities that I do with the kids I care for. It is so nice to hear positive comments about what I prepare and the responses to these things really give me such a warm feeling, it helps to keep me motivated and strive to provide more of the same. Confidence in my ability is an area I have always struggled with, I am always overthinking and considering things from a million angles. So, hearing kind words boosts me up no end.

At roughly the same time, more people have started to ask where I get my ideas from. Many ideas I get from looking around at the world, what can we use to create with? Other times it may have come from the school I volunteer at, then I adapt them to be age appropriate for the children I care for. Some from books. A lot come from an idea that has proven to get a lot of engagement and enjoyment from the children, so instead of trying to come up with a million different new ideas, I simply adapt it to be slightly different. I already know it will be a winner and I have learnt from mistakes the first-time round.

However, I cannot take credit for many of my ideas. I am constantly on the lookout for new ideas to try out. I like to research and geek out, Pinterest has proven itself time and time again to be a powerhouse of inspiration and information. Right now though, I am loving Instagram. I get so much inspiration from the people I follow over on Instagram. There are so many talented people out there, with the most beautiful ideas, images and information that you cannot fail to feel inspired. Sometimes, I adapt their ideas to fit in with the things the children I care for will enjoy, or the items I have to hand. Other times I will try to recreate their idea and give them a shout out as a thank you for the inspiration.

Therefore today, I want to share with you the accounts I believe if you follow today you to will see a difference in the activities you try with your children. You will get inspired daily, to give things a go, provide new experiences. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t go to plan or isn’t as picture perfect as you would hope – remember social media is awash with things that went right, it is not often you see the things that were not so great.

I have created a free checklist to refer back to click here to grab yours.

1. Mini makers studio

Such a bright and colourful feed that you cannot help but smile when you see it. You will soon be able to pick one of their photos out of the crowd. There are so many ideas for getting creative with your children that I defy anyone to look at this feed and not be inspired. I think one reason I love this feed so much is because we share similar values on the importance of play-based learning.

2. a crafty living

Olivia is a nanny living in Australia, her Instagram feed is absolutely wonderful. She shares the activities she does with the children in her care. I particularly like that she tells you what ages it would be suitable for and what they will learn from it. As with mini makers studio, Olivia’s pictures are very recognisable. I love the splatter paintings she shared recently. 75.6K followers should tell you everything you need to know – if you aren’t following this account get your butt over there pronto!

3. Cathy nurture store

I first took notice of this feed when I was looking for fine motor skill activities to help MissC3 and co. At the time, Cathy was sharing so many fantastic ideas on this subject that I quickly became an avid fan. Their weekly newsletter is a fantastic source of information not to be missed.

4. Hello wonderful co

This is another bright, vibrant and sunny feed. Providing a plethora of ideas on getting creative with your little ones. Agnes has recently released her book – my colour is rainbow and her feed reflects this. If arts and crafts are your thing, or you want some ideas head over asap.

5. The Paige diaries

This is one of the first feeds I started following, in Lycie’s words ‘simple and engaging play ideas for your little one.’ I take an awful lot of inspiration from this feed. In fact, I recently invested in an under-bed storage box after seeing one of her posts. It has really made sensory bins and play so much easier as a result. This year has also seen the start of The Paige Dairies blog so you can tap into even more of Lycie’s brilliance.

6. Flockmen

If you haven’t heard of Flockmen let me just tell you how awesome they are! They are wooden men that provide so many learning opportunities and open ended play. They are suitable for all ages, and best of all I think they are an extremely reasonable price. Their feed supplies endless ways in which to use your Flockemen.

7. messy play mummy

Lucie is the woman to follow if you have a passion for messy play or the idea completely freaks you out. Her feed is packed with ideas that you can easily setup yourself, I am constantly turning to her for ideas on not only messy play but sensory play and process art. I loved how Lucie used silicon baking moulds in sensory play and so I have included a few in sensory tubs of my own.

8. Three_busy_boys

Shonagh is an art teacher and illustrator whose feed is jam packed with arts and crafts projects that you can try at home. The thing that I particularly love about her feed is that she uses a lot of items from around the home, recycling and reusing items that would otherwise have gone in the bin. Showing us that providing fun play based learning does not have to be an expensive thing. I love this message and philosophy hence why Three Busy Boys is one of my top picks.

9. The dad lab

So far all of our feeds have been ladies so I thought we should bring in the Dads to. The dad Lab shares videos about creative play and educational toys that they use. I really like seeing the experiments they do in action it’s a truly lovely feed.

10. Dandylillies

And now for a shameless plug – myself! I share pictures of the activities we do. I really love messy and sensory play. I think open ended process art and play are really beneficial to not only child development but a happy childhood. I like to provide activities that use household items as I believe providing activities shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. That all families regardless of income or circumstances can setup play based learning experiences.

So, there you have it, my top 10 Instagram accounts to follow right now. There truly is an abundance of wonderful people out there sharing their ideas and experiences with you so that you can try replicate and have similar results. Don’t forget to grab your free checklist! Get yours here.


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