What to do next???


It’s started to cross my mind what I want to do when my maternity leave is over boooooo! 

I’m not one of those people who has ever had a set goal of what they would like the achieve in their career. I have always been more interested in goals in my personal life such as get married, have children and buy a house and now that I have done all those things and I’m in a settled place maybe it’s time I focus on setting some goals in my work life?

My problem is that I don’t like change! Once I get settled into a surrounding I get scared to push myself into the unknown and sometimes stop myself from progressing so maybe this could be the fresh start I need to try something new.

So my aim for the rest of my maternity leave is to throughly enjoy every minute of it but also allow myself to explore new things. I want to continue learning how to write blogs and film for my YouTube channel, practise yoga and try and find what I enjoy and we’re my passions lie.

Until next time

Rachel (baby moose)



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