Healthy flapjack!

I am definitely no baker but this recipe is very easy to make, it takes no time at all so an excellent recipe for the busy mumma (and everyone else of course) 🙂 

I found this recipe on Pinterest and as I have made numerous batches I have adapted it each time click here for the original recipe. Here is my version!

180g rolled oats

100g melted coconut oil

50g dried fruit (I have tried blueberries, prunes, cranberries)

35g flaked almonds

2 ripe bananas

2tbs agave syrup or runny hunny

2tsp vanilla essence

Time to make approx 30-40 mins including mixture and baking time (I tend to set my alarm for 20 minutes and keep an eye on it as my baking almost always burns)

Makes approx 12 pieces depending on what size flapjack you like 🙂

  • Preheat oven to 200 degrees
  • Oil your baking tin with coconut oil
  • Measure out all your ingredients, I find this makes things easier and quicker
  • Mash your two bananas and mix with the melted coconut oil, agave syrup/runny hunny and vanilla essence into a bowl
  • Add your rolled Oates, flaked almonds and dried fruit and mix! (Simple as that)
  • Put your mixture into a baking tray and put in the oven for approx 20-30 minutes.

Voilá your healthy flapjack is ready to eat xxx


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