My top baby products!

Making life easier for myself is a must! Life is stressful enough so here is a list of my top products which I couldn’t live without:

Baby jogger city mini– I can’t praise this pram enough! I bought this pram with Eloise and I am know using it for Zachary. It’s lightweight, folds easy and very compact when folded. I am currently using the pram with the car seat adaptors while Zachary is so small but I have the cosy toes all ready to go once he is a bit bigger.

Baby jogger car seat adapters-The pram we used initially for Eloise was so heavy that having the car seat attached wasn’t practical so having the baby jogger this time around and being able to use the car seat is amazing! You have to buy the car seat adaptors separately and only certain car seats can be used (click here for the chart) I know there are alot of guidelines about having your baby in a car seat for long periods of time but for trips to the shops and just being out and about it’s so much easier getting the car seat from the car and straight onto the pram frame less hassle and less stress.

Tommy Tippee steriliser-This makes bottle cleaning so simple. we have the electric steriliser which can holds six bottles. You can get a microwaveable version which is cheaper and does the same job but we chose the electric one and I can’t fault it.

Angel care bath seat-What a fab product this is, it has been an absolute saviour for our backs! Zachary isn’t the lightest of babies so just being able to put him in this seat allows him to enjoy the water and saves the strain of having to hold him.

Cath kidston Change bag– I am a sucker for anything Cath kidston and of course I was going to buy a change bag. They are not cheap and you are probably paying for the print and the name but I used this bag with Eloise and once again with Zachary so I’m getting my money’s worth. The bag I bought came with a change matt which slots in the side and a bag to keep a bottle separate all in a wipe clean material which is a must for a baby bag.

Sleep bag-you can buy these pretty much anywhere these days and they can come in different togs but the ones we are currently using are from Sainsbury’s. They can’t be used until your baby is a certain weight I believe and we have only just recently started using ours with Zachary now that he is 3 months old and in his cot. The sleep bag is the alternative to blankets and if your baby is anything like mine the legs and arms go wild on a night so a blanket wouldn’t stand a chance! So at least with the sleep bag I know that he is going to be safe and warm throughout the night.

Sleepy sounds-this is an app which we have on all of our devices and it has worked like a miracle for us! It basically had a variety of white noise sounds which helps soothe and calm your baby down. It’s free on iPhone and android and we couldn’t live without it.

I haven’t attatched the link as it will be different depending on what type of phone you have but this is the icon your looking for!

These are my top baby products that I can’t live without I would love to hear yours?

Until next time

Rachel (baby moose)


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